Saving Tip

Updated: Apr 3, 2018

saving tip for leisure travelers wanting to upgrade to premium seats, at bargain prices:

book premium fares on the weekend, and/or start the journey on a weekend. Weekends are when

travelers paid the lowest domestic and international premium ATPs, as this is when it’s least likely

for corporate/business travelers to book their travel.

Global traveler flow insights

Some of the busiest international-destination airports on the planet in 2017 included:

• North Asia: Hong Kong, Seoul and Taipei

• South Asia: Bangkok and Singapore

• Middle East: Dubai

• Europe: London, Paris, Amsterdam and Frankfurt

• US: New York, Miami, Los Angeles and Orlando

• Canada: Toronto

• Latin America: Cancun (primarily driven by USA-origin economy travel)

The key origins for the arrivals into these airports included UK, US, North Asia, Middle East and

some Latin America origins.

Top international premium routes largely reflect travel between the top corporate travel markets

globally, including China, US, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Japan and Korea. Travelling in

premium cabins is most likely to be allowed in travel policies on long-haul international routes.

Corporate Travel Agents

Chances are if you work for a medium to large company, they have a travel policy. And the company’s travel policy requires you to book your travel through an in- house company travel agency-and, in many cases, through a “preferred” airline or hotel.

Why does your company elect to use an in-house agency (or, perhaps force you to use one)? For years, the argument has been that it not only allows the corporate accountant to manage travel budgets, but that the volume of travel the company creates allows the agency to negotiate corporate travel discounts at both airlines and hotels that benefit the corporation’s bottom line.

That sounds good until you begin to deconstruct those “discounts.” Did you ever wonder who pays full price for coach or first-class tickets? With the exception of last –minute travelers, the answer is no one. The reality, one airline CEO said that airlines intentionally publish these mostly artificial full fares precisely in order to offer corporate discounts against them. Yes, you’re getting a corporate discount – but against a ridiculously high fare that no one pays anyway. The same is true for hotels.

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